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Comparison of UV plate color printing with other printing processes
2018-03-14 14:21:41

Comparison of UV plate color printing with other printing processes

1. the printing step is very simple
It does not need the steps of plate making, printing, and duplication, and the various types of tools and materials that need no screen printing and hot transfer. Using a UV plate printing machine, only need to also prepare a computer. An exercise machine can be completely independent of the printing operation, saves manpower and material resources, and has the advantages of simple, Lidengkequ, low requirement for operating crew experience, as long as the understanding of simple image processing software can be.
2. can be compatible with different industries, not limited to material, and will not cause damage to material
It not only can be printed on sturdy crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also can be printed in the soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; it can be printed in inorganic materials, can also be printed in complex organic matter, be the most changeful. The material has more and better compatibility. The use of UV flat color printing avoids screen printing and water transfer printing material selection. It also avoids the problem of thermal transfer on leather, cloth, cotton and other organic materials. It caters to the demand of the market diversification, and can provide more comprehensive production service for the customers.
3. accurate printing position, avoiding the problem of position offset in manual printing
UV flatbed printing is no longer follow the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer the simple manual operation and printing technology, with high technology content of the computer synthesis and automatic control technology are organically combined better, regional and position can be very precise alignment for printing, avoid manual printing the position offset. The problem. Because it is a one-off multicolor printing, there is no problem of color matching. These advantages can also be effectively combined with engraving and etching, printing beautiful pictures in the carved area, or etching accurately after printing.
4. very suitable for picture printing that requires a color transition
Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, cannot achieve all color transitions based on pictures. So the effect of screen printing will be clear. In the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to express the color transition according to the picture itself. But many products need to print trademarks, labels and other high precision, high complexity of the design, gifts, arts and crafts industry is more widely used. UV plate color printing can perfectly meet the demand, fully embodies the strong market potential. It breaks through the bottlenecks of screen printing, heat transfer printing and other printing methods.
5. for more uncommon professional use
UV flatbed printing printing at any time can change the content, change the effect of printing, can print the digital one, without making the product cumbersome, encoding many products behind the metal plate, and each encoding corresponding to each product; and such as factory workers work, badges and working permit also, can according to a digital print, can also add pictures etc.. The production procedure is simple, and the cost is low.
6. suitable for multi material printing
As for printing and printing industry, there are more professional distinction. For example, traditional printing in leather industry: screen printing is single and transitional color is simple. Large leather printing machine is expensive and material demanding; thermal transfer will destroy material. The traditional way of printing in the crystal industry is Crystal Sticker technology. The plexiglass industry is silk screen printing, metal industry is more use of heat transfer and so on. UV plate color printing can be printed on different materials, which can be used in these industries.

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