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Application and market prospect of organic glass (acrylic)
2018-03-14 13:53:50

Application and market prospect of organic glass (acrylic)

PMMA, commonly known as plexiglass, is an important thermal plastic developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weatherability. It is easy to stain, easy to process and has beautiful appearance. It has been widely applied in construction industry. Organic glass products can usually be divided into castable board, extrusion plate and mold plastic.
The application of 1.PMMA in construction industry, in terms of architecture, PMMA is mainly applied to building daylighting, transparent roofs, rooftops, telephone booths, staircases and wall panels. Sanitary wares include products such as bathtubs, washbasins, makeup tables and so on. In recent years, the application and development of highways and high grade road lighting lampshade and automobile lamps and lanterns are also very fast. Among them, the market growth of building daylighting, bathtub, street advertising light box and telephone kiosk is fast. There will be great room for development in the future, and the market prospect is very broad.
In recent years, along with each big city hotel, hotel and senior residential construction, China's building lighting body of the rapid development of organic glass with extrusion plates made of lighting, with the overall structure of high strength, light weight, high light transmittance, high safety, special advantages, and inorganic glass light compared to buy, with great superiority.
At present, the United States and Japan have made mandatory provisions in the law. The glass of primary and secondary schools and kindergarten buildings must be made of organic glass. As China's laws and regulations continue to improve, it is expected that in the near future, our law will also stipulate that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens must also use plexiglass for building glass. At the same time, all over the country accelerated the pace of urban construction, street signs, advertising lights and telephone kiosks and so on. A large part of them were plexiglass.
Sanitary ware, organic glass bathtub has the appearance of luxury, a sense of depth, easy cleaning, high strength, lightweight and comfortable to use, has been widely used in recent years, the current domestic production of organic glass bathtub about 1 million 500 thousand, the annual consumption of PMMA Extrusion board or pouring plate more than 5000 tons.
With the improvement of China's architectural laws and regulations, PMMA will be more competitive in more applications.
In addition, special plexiglass, such as optical plexiglass, anti radiation plexiglass and optical grade plexiglass, is still blank in China's construction industry, and there is great room for development.
2. China's PMMA production and market situation in China, the total production capacity of the present organic glass products is about 130 thousand tons per day, many manufacturers, but the production scale is small.
The domestic processing capacity of organic glass production is very large, but the product structure is not reasonable, only the production of ordinary products, high value-added products to the construction industry in the lack of variety and quality can not meet the demand of the market, such as building is in great demand of Extrusion board are the need for a large number of imports from abroad.
In recent years, the consumption of PMMA in China has increased rapidly. However, due to the monotonous varieties, the quantity and quality of PMMA products in China is far from enough, it is far from meeting the needs of the domestic market, resulting in a significant increase in import volume every year. In 2000, the import of PMMA moulded plastics in China reached 77 thousand tons, and at the same time, nearly 4000 tons of organic glass plates were imported. From the point of view of import, the total imports of 4 provinces and cities in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu accounted for about 95% of the total import of the country. Jiangsu, Shanghai is the main production area of organic glass casting plate in our country, because the model has the advantages of simple process, less investment casting, so many township enterprises by the technology of workshop production, small scale units, product quality is not up to the quality standard of building materials industry, eliminated in foreign countries.
In 1980s, the annual sales volume of organic glass in China is less than 20 thousand tons, and the consumer market is not based on the construction industry. Since entering 90s, the market application of PMMA in construction industry has developed greatly. Consumption has increased rapidly. In 2000, it has reached 85 thousand tons, including 29 thousand tons of pouring boards, 25 thousand tons of extruded plates, and 31 thousand tons of moulded plastics (excluding Extrusion Moulds). It is expected that in the next few years, the growth rate of domestic organic glass market will remain above 6% annually.

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